Post-Event Report  (July 22, 2015, quite the belated update!)

Around 40 folks came. Major thanks to Prof. Hoover and Prof. Kim and their lab for showing up and presenting!


Dane was in charge of making t-shirts.


The graphics came from Cynthia.

Our keynote speaker was Prof. Sangbae Kim, although he mostly worked on quadrupeds, we decided to be open-minded about acceptable number of legs at this conference.


This was the final schedule, from eventbrite (

Schedule (updated 5/4/13)

9-9:30 Breakfast and Registration
9:30-10 Keynote Speaker, Professor Sangbae KimMIT Biomimetic Robotics Lab
10-11 Lightning Talks

  • Professor Aaron Hoover (Olin Robotics and Bioinspiration Lab, ORB)
  • Joe Schlesinger (Hexy)
  • Dane Kouttron (Solenoid Hexapod)
  • Professor Sangbae Kim (MIT Biomimetic Robotics Lab)
  • Adam Bercu (Project Stompy)
  • Nancy Ouyang (Hexapod Gallery)
11-11:20 Break
11:20-12 Make foldable hexapods, Look at hexapod demos
12-13 Eat lunch, Prepare for dance-off
13-13:30 Dance-off
13:30-15:00 Conference Talks13:30 – 14:15   (A) Olin ORB Lab (Prof. Hoover)      (B) Hobbyist Hexapods (Nancy)14:15 – 15:00   (A) Project Stompy  (Adam)           (B) Hexy and Kickstarter (Joe)
15-15:30a Prizes and Concluding Remarks

All the speakers kept everything light-hearted, since this was a humorous conference after all :)

We had an interactive robot-skeleton making activity. I bought materials from Blicks, a pack of superglue off of ebay, and lasercut the patterns from the UC Berkeley Biomimetic Systems Lab. I had previously made them with the Hexapods Undergraduate Reading Group.

We had demo tables.



Finally, a dance-off. Sadly, no humans participated in the dance-off, but Hexy did.

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